The Food Control Center performs tests on the nutritive value of foods and calculates GDA values of meals.

The nutritive value of foods includes energy value, proteins, hydrocarbons, fats, fibers, sodium, vitamins and minerals. The method of indication of the nutritive value has been regulated in the Law and applies to both packaged and unpackaged foods; foods intended for end consumers and food offered by business entities for direct consumption (hospitality facilities, cafeterias, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, welfare centers...).

Food Control Center

Adress: Jagićeva 31, 10000 Zagreb

Head of the Centre: MSc Marina Ćurko

Quality Manager: MSc. Vesna Bolanča

Head of Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Objects of Common Use

Head : MSc. Marija Janušić

Head of Laboratory of Food Microbiology and Objects of Common Use